2020 Tiger Swim Season Update

    Good afternoon Tiger Families!

    We on the Tiger Swim Club Board hope you and your loved ones are staying safe during this time of constant change and uncertainty. The Tiger Swim Club Board is closely monitoring the situation and we will be following the lead of the WHALe League in continuing to plan for a 2020 Swim Season. We have included the statement from WHALe below, if any families have any questions regarding the upcoming season or plans moving forward please feel free to contact us.

    Thank you and we wish you good health and safety in the days and weeks ahead!

    Tiger Swim Club Board

    [email protected]

    COVID-19 Statement from WHALe

    As we began planning the season several months ago, none of us imagined the circumstance that we are currently facing.The COVID-19 outbreak has prompted unprecedented changes in the world and in the world of sports. There are new recommendations every day.The fluidity of the situation surely adds to the confusion and concern.

    The WHALe Executive Board is following closely the situation and recommendations from the CDC and the White House.We are keenly aware, as most of us are actively involved at the team level with our own teams, of the challenges that the COVID-19 outbreak will present for the teams and our league.

    We would like to assure you that as we are learning to navigate these uncertain times, the Executive Board is working on the season moving forward in this new climate and making contingency plans for several different scenarios.While we are currently in a watch and wait position, we are evaluating all options. We have time and we will be ready with our action plan.

    We know that this time will end.And when it does, we will all need activities for our children and our families to join in.We have time.More importantly, we need to have hope.Our families need to have hope.We still have lots of options and although the season may not end up looking normal, we have a strong chance to still do what we all love…swim!

    Until we know more, stay well and away. Be patient but hopeful.   
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